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Reflection - How to Navigate Being Targeted: My Experience

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"Using my injuries to help others navigate theirs.

True empowerment comes from within."

"Move your mind, then move the world."

"Feed your brain, like you feed your belly."

- Christina Blaskavitch

Empowerment Coaching Hub, 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Empowerment Coaching Hub, 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Reflection - How to Navigate Being Targeted:

My Experience

If you find yourself targeted by individuals in positions of authority who have committed criminal activity in Canada, it's crucial to take steps to protect yourself and maintain discipline. The increase of criminal attacks can leave you feeling lifeless in bed with your mind spinning as to how you got there in the first place. When local law enforcement discriminates there is no other option than to go international.

Please learn and know your rights. Ultimately, service corporations do not write law. Contract Law and challenging those trespassing are your best options. Click the notice below and go to the "Foundational Knowledge" section.

Disclaimer: Results are different for everyone. Learning capacity varies. This information does not substitute legal advice. Be sure to consult a lawyer for legal representation. Take what you need and leave the rest. This material was created and intended as a tool only for educational purposes. No guarantees. No promises. By using this educational product, you are waiving all legal and personal liabilities. This is not legal advice, it is important to seek help and report an offending party to an appropriate authority. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or information storage retreival systems - without written permission from the publisher. This was created for educational purposes only for Empowerment Coaching Hub, 2023®️


Here are some Guidelines

Report to Authorities

The first and most crucial step is to report any criminal activity to the local police. Not all police will help you as they are employed by a service corporation, especially when they are involved in the predatory criminal activity. However try to contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Inform them about threats, harassment, or any suspicious behaviour directed towards you. File a report and get the report number and badge number of the police officers helping you. Make a list and write your notes. If reporting to police results in medical abuse, sexual assault, or other additional criminal activity being perpetrated against you, in my opinion, the next step would be to challenge the trespassing, breach the peace, and using you as a cash-cow for a service corporation. If the service corporation courts refuse to uphold the laws, contact the United Nations and file a Human Rights Complaint and if you happen to be a dual citizen with another country, inform the embassy to which you are associated with.

Do not give up, there is a resource that will help you.

When you are silenced, the enemy has you in shackles.

When you speak, the shackles break.

Document Everything

Keep detailed records of all interactions with the individuals targeting you. This includes saving messages, emails, recording phone calls, and noting down any encounters in person. These records will serve as essential evidence should legal action become necessary. Often times through the course of document generation a conflict of interest will appear however, will not be seen right away. This is the importance of generating documents, filing complaints, and logging your evidence through various channels. An additional resource would be to submit access to information requests; for me personally this was how I could draw a map for the eventual investigators. All of the corruption will eventually be exposed.

For example, when a person presents on transcripts however doesn't appear on a court endorsement a year later - you have caught the judicial system breaching public trust and abusing court processes. This is a Charter violation. That person can later be tried for breach of public trust as the test is the administrative act in and of itself. Contract law must be followed. However, will likely need to be actioned through an international body such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

Be mindful:

  • Service Corporations do not write the law.

    • "Where is the verified claim indicating I caused trespass or harm?"

  • Present the contract I am in breach of - Contract Law.

    • "Am I your property?"

    • "Am I contracted as your property?"

  • The contract is between a man or woman [s. 28, Charter - Genesis 1:27, Matthew 19:4; do not surrender your legal rights voluntarily, s. 7, Charter], not a corporation.

Secure Your Personal Information

Be vigilant about protecting your personal information both online and offline. Regularly change passwords for your online accounts, be cautious about sharing sensitive details, and consider investing in a secure home security system to safeguard your physical space.

When one of your predators begins stalking you online, following you in real life, and showing up in places you frequent; take pictures, keep a log, write out your notes. You will need them at a later date and they will help you to keep your head straight when the predators later weaponize medical, municipal, and provincial resources. Some predators will go so far as to contact your doctor and have you committed for exposing their lawlessness and criminal activity within the service corporation. Some may even go as far as threatening to slice your throat - write it down. When that occurs keep your files organized and share them with the United Nations []. Participating in submissions for a working group will allow for additional evidence to be submitted and establish a means of communication.

Maintain a Support Network

Keep your friends, family, and neighbors informed about the situation you are facing. Even if someone tries to silence you. Having a support network is crucial as they can provide emotional support and serve as additional eyes and ears for any suspicious activity around you.

Grow in your faith. The bible tells us we are in this world, not of this world. Read your scripture daily, don't run from God - run to God. Call on the angels He has assigned to your life and ask them to help guide you. Allow yourself to be infilled with the Holy Spirit. Begin to journal; take time for daily reflection. Ask Him for strength and wisdom, for the bible tells us in Matthew 7:7 and John 16:4, "Ask, and you shall receive." In Psalm 28:7, "The Lord is my strength and my shield."

Legal Assistance

Dive into your books, do your research, and lastly consult with a lawyer to understand your rights and explore potential legal actions you can take against the predators. A legal professional can guide you through the process and provide tailored advice to your specific situation. However, service corporations masquerading as government officers of the court, do not write laws.

The service corporations will use intimidation to result in emotions of fear. Fear is from the enemy. Fear is a demonic spirit that comes to slander the Lord. Fear is what they use to control and bankrupt you. As you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit through Jesus, He will grant you access to God. God will fight for you, vengeance belongs to Him, for it is written and He watches over His word to perform it. God is a good God, who loves Justice and Righteousness. Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us to put on the full armour of God, the helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the belt of truth, feet prepared with the gospel of peace, the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit. Gods grace is experienced through His disciplining us, His perfecting, establishing, strengthening, and grounding work in us, as divine acts.

Learn your rights, read caselaw, educate yourself. Learn about personality disorders so when you need to make an argument, you can. Apprise yourself of the Law Society of Ontario and when the benchers vote is set to take place. []


Consider enrolling in self-defense classes to gain practical skills to protect yourself physically if necessary. Learning self-defence can boost your confidence and sense of security in precarious situations. Bait your enemy to expose them, remaining grounded throughout the process. Remain mentally sharp and physically strong. You must OVERCOME. Failure is not an option.

Download two forms of computer security software and back up all digital files. Print hard copies and distribute to people you trust incase they happen to go missing or are misplaced. One of my deceased lawyers knew she was being monitored and strategically left a document on her desk, we went to lunch, came back and the document was gone. The next day the door hinges to her storm door were removed. A few days later she was found dead in her home.

Study your enemy. Find the weak points and expose them. Keep a half tank of gas in your vehicle and back into your parking spaces so you can make a fast get away if needed. Never stop sharing your story. Those who tell their stories, own the world.

Stay Calm and Composed

It's natural to feel overwhelmed and scared when facing such threats and its normal to experience fear. Use any negative emotions as fuel and any stress as an opportunity. However, it's essential to maintain discipline and avoid reacting impulsively. Staying calm and composed will help you think clearly and make better decisions to protect yourself. Submerse yourself in programs and groups with like-minded people.

A word to the wise, when people are attacking you from all angles however won't tell you what the issues are - know they do not have an actual issue with you, they simply like the attention they receive from talking about you. These types of people are known as Judas' - pray for them and carry on your own path.

Seek Professional Help

If the situation becomes too overwhelming to handle on your own, consider seeking help from a professional counsellor or therapist. They can provide coping strategies to deal with stress, fear, and emotional trauma. If your former employer is a service corporation generate records, file complaints, and compile for an international body to review. The administrative acts are often the events that lead to exposing the truth.

Remember, your safety is paramount. Always prioritize it and don't hesitate to seek help when needed. Being targeted by predators can be a harrowing experience, but by taking these precautions and seeking support, you can better navigate the situation and protect yourself from harm. Not everyone is your friend and not everyone wants to help you.


My Personal Experience

My best advice - Get up. Continue pushing forward.

When I was personally targeted by my predators, I was so scared I barely left my bed. I had been laying there lifeless for months. When I began to speak out, my words were twisted in violation of my Charter rights by a service corporation who stood to financially profit from the infringement; Freedom of Speech. The occult group of individuals who were preying on me and also who sought to silence me, gave them the upper advantage to frustrate justice resulting in additional criminal harassment.

In Canada abuse of court process to persecute an innocent person is an indictable offence as defined under s. 465 of the Criminal Code. In my case, they insisted on discrimination, medical torture, cruelty, and concerted campaigns of criminal harassment. International divulgation was the only option as I had exhausted every resource and avenue to keep things at the lowest level within Canada. I encourage you to never give up on your dreams and to empower yourself. Challenge the lies and do not put up with medical abuse from a service corporation, know your rights and challenge anyone trespassing against you. Demand to know which language is being utilized; Blacks Law Dictionary or Websters Dictionary. If you did not consent to a contract, do not consent to submission as a cash cow for the service corporation. Ignorance remains your enemy. Combat the barriers of communication.

It wasn't until people began breaking into my home when I would leave, vandalize my property, hit golf balls toward my home while making crude statements and sexual suggestions, would park out front with dark tinted windows, and people that I had hired to help me began turning up dead; that I realized I needed to force myself to get up, study them, and begin exposing the corruption. By Gods grace, I am still here - my FAITH in Him is stronger. Without Him I am nothing. All praise, honour, and glory belongs to God.

I needed to develop the discipline to push forward with accountability principles. I needed to do the work to reclaim my voice, replace bad habits with good habits, and get strong in the spirit. I am in this world, not of this world. This insurmountable stress left me feeling lifeless laying in bed, after trying to report these crimes to authorities and those reports constantly falling on deaf ears. Predators will make you out to sound unstable and devoid of judgment. However the people that left me in this state were persons in positions of authority. Authorities who broke the law and attempted to twist the narrative to save their own behind. The administration records generated confirm criminal conspiracy to convict an innocent person, dereliction of duty, and national security threats, as reported. All of which has now resulted in the Truman-Raegan Doctrine being invoked.

May God have mercy on their souls.


"The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself."

― Augustine of Hippo


My best advice, Never stop learning. Never give up on yourself.

Your best days are ahead of you, even if you don't see it quite yet.

We all need some help getting through the mud.

Empowerment Coaching Hub, 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Empowerment Coaching Hub, 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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