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➡️Greek word 3340 “to think differently, reconsider”

➡️When Jesus preached the gospel, it comprised of the following:

[1] preaching - to announce the glad tidings to miserable people in bondage

[2] teaching - to enlighten the ignorant ones in darkness with the divine light of truth

[3] casting out demons - to annihilate satans usurpation of man

[4] healing man’s sick condition - that man might serve Jesus Christ

[5] cleansing the leper - to recover the sinner to the fellowship of God with men

🔥Only God🔥

📖Five cases are recorded in the gospel of Mark [1:23-27, 5:2-20, 7:25-30, 9:17-27, 16:9] whereas Jesus demonstrates His authority by ordering the unclean spirits to obey Him. In Mark 1:24-27, “they” know who Jesus is, “the Holy One of God.”



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